sometimes i write something and i get TOO delighted by my own references smh

i was so gleeful when i decided to make Mirele’s born name Tzofiyah

because the idea of the secret name that keeps her safe from powerful beings, from possession’s call, being “watchful” was too much for me and it made me think of Vimes from Discworld

how does he keep uncorrupted? how does his internal policeman keep itself uncorrupted in decades on the force, surrounded by corrupt and cowardly people? he is incorruptible in the books! even when there IS something else in him in Thud, the being known as the Summoning Dark, something that is INSIDE him, HE remains, and his own will pushes it out. because it never pushed HIM out.

and its because he made his body a city, and his will and soul-the part of him that doesn’t compromise with right or wrong-he made his soul a lawman

he made his soul The Watchman

the Watching Dark

and he takes “who watches the watchmen” very seriously

and i wish that person existed in real life

and that idea, the idea that Tzofiyah is so attuned to herself, that she knows North no matter where she is, is why she’s such a strong mage

she is sure

and getting to reference one of my favourite characters is just a plus

I could’ve named her Esme (for Weatherwax) too, but I like Tzofiyah

mm, and I’m firmly keeping myself away from that particular intersection, if you will, since i’ve only walked down one of those streets and one of those roads i have no business being anywhere near, i realize

but i’ve been hit by similar cars where my road meets with other ones a couple miles away

the feeling is never great

it always feels like you get run over

PSA: Antisemitism hurts Black Jews too.


Kids please don’t think that it’s unusual or special to be dating someone with whom you can watch netflix and eat pizza and hold hands and also have hot sex with

It concerns me when I see millions of notes on a post that’s like “fuck me hard but also be sweet with me”

Like what kinds of relationships are you in that you think this is a revolutionary thing to ask


jewish kurds in everyday floral cotton dresses. sandûr. southern kurdistan. 1934.

Signs Most to Least Likely to Eat Ass And Contract A Disease From Pathogens In Fecal Particles




This is pretty much the only thing I managed to draw all month with my internship BUT I am back home with internet and time to work. I’m taking tonight and tomorrow off to visit with family and relax but I’ll be getting straight back to work on the things I owe people come Tuesday.

For now please accept a what-if-i-was-a-demon-that-would-be-cool self portrait.


huh, you know what? there’s no conceivable difference between a werewolf and a regular wolf on the moon, right? because it’s always a full moon? so they actually are wolves, and it’s earth-based humanity that becomes an overwhelming condition when they’re off the moon

shit, unless we’re talking movie werewolves. i assume we’re not, we’re just talking classic, turns from human to wolf, werewolves. if it’s the horror movie one, then they’re a different breed of wolf, i suppose. 

There is no canon. Which makes me feel a bit better about potentially throwing any of it in the garbage can.

this is the best mindset to have, i think

they’re so lazy about trying to keep it themselves, its impossible for fans to

i hate to invoke “it was just a dream” (or, in my SR parlance, “this was shot for the movies”), but honestly it allows me to just enjoy the stuff that makes me be like,”that….doesn’t make sense”

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