Still Salty over Pluto 

welcome to kpop and videogame gehenna. i'll be your tourguide. if you don't think pluto's a planet you need to get off my clit tbh.
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I’m tired of people throwing Hitler around as a qualifier in terms of genocides. “why’ve we heard of Hitler but not this awful monster of history?” style

the fascination with him stems from so many people standing on the sidelines wanting to do the exact same shit he did. he’s fascinating because the inception of the modern moral formative era began with “those Christkillers committed Deicide” and ever since most of European and larger Christian history’s been wanting to settle the score and balance the scales

he’s famous like some kind’ve historical vigilante who went a little too hardcore

"well, the methods are uncivil but i can’t blame the motive of the man"

for fuck’s sake

drag Leopold II of Belgium til his ghost is flayed, but don’t use the Shoah to decry history. Scream louder for Leopold’s victims-so their history is known at all. Those ten million deserve to be remembered. Racism is the cause of that silence-racist, capitalist Christianity’s, specifically.

Don’t pretend the world’s fascination with Jewish death is indicative of anything other than what it is.

Victims don ‘t need to be measured in competition between separate crimes for those crimes to have been committed. How different is the outcome?

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mom ask what u want for dinner later

"dont say mcdonalds"



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man, they’re all “love, peace, global unityyyy” til they get called out on dreads and then they have viking leprechauns as ancestors

the Celts plaited their hair

notably, to the Romans ANY long hair was considered barbaric

you think they spent a lot of time examining tribal hair customs for Mother Empire??? long hair was a sign of “shoot if won’t recruit” tbh


clean yourself :/

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people are still giving viv shit about whitelocs?

wasting crucial time when they could be taking a shower jfc

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what if shinee were youtubers?
inspired by x
requested by bry + her youtube!au fic

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pink almond party cake

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we all have this one character death that we will never be over and fine with

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I’m seriously at the point where I was daydreaming about Chris Evans’ arms this morning while I was making bread 

that’s some embarrassing, pushing-feminism-back-fifty-years truth

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